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Estranged sisters are forced to reunite and dark secrets are soon exposed. Just your typical dysfunctional family, but with sharper dialogue. You'll find yourselves nodding your heads in recognition of family life in today's world in this dark comedy and laughing out loud at the wicked repartee between the three sisters, a free-spirited writer, a neurotic psychologist, and an over-sexed realtor.

WHERE: The Grange Playhouse
                  4860 Route 9 South
                   Howell, NJ

WHEN:    Fridays and Saturdays April 15, 16,
                  22, and 23 @ 8 pm
                  Sundays April 17, and 24 @ 3 pm

COST:   $18/$15 Seniors (65+) and Students
               (Includes dessert and beverage)

Call or text:


NOW PLAYING: Children's Play

Interactive Rock n' Roll Fairy Tale: SNOW WHITE AND THE DWARFS ON TOUR by Jade Greene

Based on the classic, this version takes place in present day NYC, where Snow White Hellesley escapes from her evil stepmother, Leona, the Queen of Mean. Taking refuge in a Broadway theatre, Snow meets The Dwarfs, Comedy and Tragedy, and goes on tour with them and her love, Hanson Prince. They happily tour the country with The Comedy and Tragedy Show, until Leona catches up with them. Tons of interaction, including a fashion show in which the audience kids are the models, "auditions" for audience members, a dance contest, and more ! Birthday party package available with lunch, acting workshop, and show ! Call for details.

WHERE: The Grange Playhouse
                  4860 Route 9 South   Howell, NJ

WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays April 9, 10, 16, 17
                                         1 pm
COST: $10 all seats

INFO:  Call/text Jade: (732)768-2709
NOW PLAYING: The Hitman Murder Mystery

All Hitman Murder Mysteries are interactive between the actors and the audience both during the show and between acts. Some audience members are invited to participate in the performance as characters in the show !                

The Hitman Murder Mysteries :
                            by Jade Greene

The Hatfields and McCoys are at it agin, this time at

the weddin' of the very pregnant Ellie Mae Hatfield to

Jethro McCoy. Sheriff Billy Bob does his best to keep the peace and stop a killer.

Y'all are invited, so grab yer jugs, put on yer feedbags, and head on over to Buck Jones' House o' Brides and Funerals !

WHERE: The Grange Playhouse
               4860 Route 9 South
               Howell, NJ 07731

 WHEN: Friday, June 17th @ 7:30 pm

COST: $40 Dinner and Interactive  
           Show (Dinner includes salad,
                      bread, hot buffet,
                      dessert, and bottled
                      water)    BYOB

RESERVATIONS (required):

Reservations recommended for dessert shows, REQUIRED for dinner shows. Call / text: (732)768-2709




Hello All Grange Playhouse Fans: 

We always welcome new talent from actors to tech/crew, to playwrights and anyone who is interested in being part of your local theatre community!  It's fun for all...and all ages...a guaranteed good time and a super way to enjoy yourself and share how special you are with the rest of our home-grown supporters!  Please join us!  Even if you've never been on the stage, we are always in need of people who have skills with a hammer, saw, lights and all the very tough and critical roles that are required to make any production a success!!!  Come on out and work hard. The fun and feeling of success will reward you.  We'll "catch the theatre bug!!!"  If  you are interested in becoming an actor, or any other participant at The Grange Playhouse, please send your email/contact information to us by emailing and you will be added to out actor mailing list and monthly newsletter which includes all audition notification and information about upcoming productions!!






Interested in Private Acting or Singing Lessons?  A certified, trained and experienced professional from The Grange Theatre can provide private lessons to you...Available for all ages, one-on-one or group lessons available.  Contact or call/text 732-768-2709

  • Theatrical Product List:
    • The Hitman Murder Mysteries
    • Interactive Rock N' Roll Fairytale
    • Stage Plays
    • Improv Acting Troupe
    • Professional Acting, Vocal & Stage Performance Lessons Available
    • DJ Services
    • Playwright Club - meetings open to all writers of any experience level, as well as to actors who are interested in the writing process.
    • Benefit Shows for local individuals or organzations in need of non-profit, fund-raising entertainment.



4860 Route 9 South
 Howell, NJ 07731
             (732) 768-2709    


Rehearsing for "A Kind Heart" - from left to right: Stephanie Kelleher, Danielle Whittman, Brian Lodato, Bonnie Palmer, Rick Pfaff, Jade Greene (on floor)
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